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Grumbling About Time Spent Planning?

iUgo brings little efficiencies that add up to a big lot, says Kerikeri’s Riverview School teacher and team leader, John Bowron.
John first tinkered with iUgo in 2015 when he was curious about what it could offer. Now he doesn’t look back.

“My planning used to be written in a book. It was frustrating when you had to re-write it each week and it took a lot of time. With iUgo, I’m now working smarter and more efficiently.”
John loves the planning add-ons that iUgo delivers – the drop-down menus that save hours searching through curriculum booklets, and the opportunities for better, easier team collaboration.
Developed by Essential Resources, the iUgo digital planning solution gives you the power.
Cloud-based, flexible and innovative, you can plan daily, weekly or long-term lessons at the touch of a button. Plan individually or collaborate with colleagues.
 “I don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time. iUgo gives me a level of effective, time-efficient planning that I haven’t seen available anywhere else.”
Click here to start your free 30-day trial. iUgo offers personalised training and support while you get going to help you get your time back and make planning simple in 2020.

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