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iUgo links the curriculum directly to your planning

iUgo directly connects your plans to your chosen curriculum with all objectives, skills and competencies automatically filtered to the correct area and level.

The iUgo online planner maps to the Australian and State curricula

The unit or program plan template divides the curriculum content into user friendly, selectable areas. iUgo lets you simply click and build links to your chosen curriculum within your plan.

Australian curriculum lesson planning

What curriculum does iUgo cover?

The F-10 Australian Curriculum

The three-dimensional design to this curriculum is designed to identify disciplinary knowledge outcomes, skills and understanding within general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

Content Description

Foundational concepts drawn from learning areas and disciplines.

General Capabilities

Knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions to live and work successfully.

Cross-curriculum Priorities

Relevant, contemporary and engaging curriculum that reflects national, regional and global contexts.

The F-10 Australian curriculum is supported by a wide range of Teachables online resources – all aligned to the learning areas. Planning has never been so easy – take a look for yourself.

The K-6 NSW Curriculum Syllabus 

Two core parts of the syllabus are identified for planning. Outcomes determine key reference points for decisions made about student learning. Content is explicitly linked to chosen Outcomes, this determines how Outcomes can be interpreted and used. To supplement and support learning further, the literacy and numeracy progressions can also be accessed.

NSW on Map
NSW Curriculum


Key reference points for decisions about student learning, progress and achievement.


Describes how outcomes can be interpreted and used, and intended learning appropriate for the stage.

Literacy and Numeracy Progressions

The learning progressions describe common literacy and numeracy learning pathways.

The F-10 Victorian Curriculum 

There is a single, coherent and comprehensive set of content descriptions and associated achievement standards that enable teachers to plan for the intended learning achievement.

Victorian Curriculum

Content Description

Knowledge and skills defined by learning areas.


Underpins flexible and analytical thinking skills.

Achievement Standards

Indications of student progress against age related expected level of achievement.

The F-10 Victorian curriculum is also supported by a wide range of Teachables online resources – all aligned to the different learning areas.

Can’t find the curriculum you’re looking for?

We are actively developing new curriculum connections all the time. Please let us know what you are looking for – it could well be in the pipeline.

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