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Teacher planning

Teacher planning for subject or learning areas

This is the second in a three-part series on how to use iUgo to be more effective with your teacher planning. Having covered Long Term Planning, here we drill down into how to translate those goals into actionable unit plans (programs) for subject or learning areas, and save a whole lot of time as you do so.

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Long term planning

What teachers need to know about long-term planning

Effectively planning how you use your time is not just a priority – it’s a necessity. In this new blog series we look at the three main areas of creating lesson and curriculum plans. Here we launch with long-term planning – also referred to as ‘scope and sequence’ planning.

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Sue Huntleigh-Smith

Move from paper planning to a digital teacher planner

Sue Huntleigh-Smith was ready to move on from paper planning. A lack of space and a never-ending paper trail were holding her back from reaching goals. Luckily she heard her colleagues singing iUgo’s praises in the lunch room, so she started her trial and hasn’t looked back.

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Andrew Boaz

All your lesson planning and resources in one place

Previously, Year 7 and 8 teacher Andrew Boaz of Rolleston School would have multiple folders to shift through depending on the curriculum area, and files that needed uploaded, downloaded and then filed. Then Andrew tried the iUgo Planner and it all changed.

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Collaborative digital tool for teacher planning

Specialist Classroom Teacher at Whanganui High School, Jo Ander, was on the constant lookout for digital tools that could support her team’s planning. Once she discovered iUgo, she jumped straight into a 30-day trial of iUgo and didn’t look back.

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School-wide collaboration and teaching planning

Anne-Marie McDougall of Mercury Bay school first discovered iUgo in a weekly newsletter from Essential Resources. Fully aware of our wide range of high-quality teaching resources, she signed up for a 30 day free trial right away and never looked back.

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