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Online lesson planner for teachers

A powerful online teacher planner, integrated with a resource library aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

All the planning you need – in one place – iUgo.

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We are on a mission to give teachers their time back.
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Designed for Australian schools by subject matter experts, iUgo enables any teacher, in any school, to plan like a pro. Use iUgo individually, in teams or school wide.

It’s a powerful combination of long-term plans, unit plans and timetabling – all linked to the Australian curriculum. And believe it or not, it is fun to use, takes the stress out of plan documentation and makes compliance super easy.

"After implementing iUgo in my school, I’ve noticed a huge shift in the amount of time teachers now have to focus on teaching."​

Suzi de Gouveia, Principal at St Teresa’s Catholic School, iUgo user since 2013​

iUgo works for any teacher at every level

iUgo Planner works across devices

iUgo makes building any lesson, unit, or inquiry plan simple – and you can do it from anywhere, on any device. It lets you create customised plans that link to the curriculum in minutes.

Our unique scheduling capability captures, programmes and manages multiple levels of learning across a wide variety of work streams in one place. 

All backed by Teachables, a fully integrated, online library of resources that enables teachers to find quality material, at a multitude of level abilities, quickly.

Principals and administrators love iUgo for the visibility it brings.

No more:
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iUgo Teacher - Shona Willis

Teachers just love iUgo. Full stop.

No more:

iUgo is all the planning you’ll ever need in one easy to use tool.

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Who uses iUgo?

Individual planner


You can! Don’t wait! Become a planning pro in minutes. All iUgo plans are captured online. Shift from demo to your school at any time plus your plans can move school as you do.

Team teacher planner


Teams get extra benefit from using iUgo. Build and share lesson plans. Work to your strengths and learn from others. Perfect for shared teaching roles – access it from anywhere.

iUgo Schools


Everyone loves iUgo – even auditors. It is the simplest, most user-friendly way to approve and improve lesson planning across your school. No special skills needed.

iUgo Teachables online resources

Designed to inspire, Teachables are created by teacher-authors from Essential Resources who understand what works in the classroom. iUgo’s library of Teachables online resources helps you quickly find relevant, aligned lesson content for a wide range of learning abilities.

Each resource seamlessly integrates with iUgo plans giving absolute confidence you are teaching with the right resource, at the right level, at the right time. Choose to access Teachables as you go or go ‘Pro’ to have thousands of resources available at any time, at no extra charge. It really is that easy.

"I’d advise anyone to use iUgo. For the benefit of the whole school – from syndicate planning to team teaching, planning is far more effective."

Nathan Collie, Assistant Principal at St Patrick’s School, iUgo user since 2014

Why wait? Try iUgo for free

You’ve nothing to lose and a whole lot of time to be saved.

Curriculum Mapping

What all schools need to know about curriculum mapping software

To create the best learning environment for students, schools need to have a curriculum mapping system in place to collect exactly what teachers are detailing for their curriculum related objectives, such as content descriptors for Australian and the Victorian curricula, or outcomes and content within the NSW Syllabus.

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