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We take the dull out of teacher planning

As a family member of Essential Resources, iUgo is all about making teaching and learning exciting for Australasian educators. We make good quality curriculum planning easy.

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It is part of Essential Resources’ commitment to supporting teachers with high-quality resources that nurture life-long learning success. Energising them with iUgo’s lesson planning as well as sharing imaginative learning resources.

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Quality curriculum planning the easy way

The brainchild of Nicola Smith and Geraldine Sloane, Essential Resources was founded over 20 years ago. And its journey has been a phenomenal success. Indeed, there’s a good chance you work in one of the majority of Australian schools who love their publications. 

iUgo was launched in recognition of the need to bring all the elements of quality curriculum planning into one place. Combining in-house technical expertise with best-practice from leading teachers and education advisors, iUgo rapidly gained significant market share.  

Embedding Teachables online resources into the iUgo planner was a natural extension as was aligning it to the Australian curriculum. Presently, the tailor-made software solution continues to evolve and develop to meet changing demands in education and planning.

Because the iUgo team sit across Australia and New Zealand, enjoying success across both sides of the Tasman. It is equally recognised for the excellence of its team as it is for its award-winning software.  

While iUgo’s operation is largely remote, home base remains at Essential Resources head office in Invercargill, New Zealand. From there, the research and development team continues to make iUgo the ‘must have’ online planning tool for Australasian teachers.

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