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What all schools need to know about curriculum mapping software

To create the best learning environment for students, schools need to have a curriculum mapping system in place to collect exactly what teachers are detailing for their curriculum related objectives, such as content descriptors for Australian and the Victorian curricula, or outcomes and content within the NSW Syllabus.
Curriculum Mapping

Why is it important to map the curriculum in your school?

Traditionally, teachers do not make the curriculum objectives and outcomes they detail in their planning visible between classrooms, even when they collaborate within the same classroom. This lack of visibility can directly impact a student’s learning if teachers unintentionally address the same learning targets in their plans and lessons.

Curriculum coverage transparency on enables teachers to build a diverse and wide-ranging program. This happens by identifying any gaps within a chosen timeframe for each classroom, group, and student. Teachers should also have the option to further address individual student needs. Because of this, they need to be able to view historic curriculum coverage reports for the lifetime of a student’s learning within the school. Which in turn supports a teacher with their pre-assessment strategies.

How do schools successfully collaborate on a living plan document with real-time curriculum mapping?

The very core nature of curriculum mapping is collaboration. Since teachers are time poor, meetings don’t always happen often enough to cover the ever fluid nature of teaching. Or the changes that occur within planning. To successfully identify and capture these changes, there needs to be a set-up in place that enables teachers to plan together. Both in multiple learning areas and with curriculum mapping reports that are always up-to-date with these real-time changes.

The biggest concern usually comes from schools that work with multiple modes of planning tools. This can automatically be addressed with the iUgo planner. Teachers work in a school-controlled, digital planning space which prevents plans being deleted or lost. It also helps support new teachers on what has already been covered in their classroom. If there is a change in staff, with iUgo, you have assurance that all classroom planning – along with its corresponding curriculum mapping – lives on.

The national standards are already tricky to map, what about a localised school curriculum?

Many schools are working alongside the national standards and creating a localised vision of the curriculum. A vision that is meaningful to their students’ locality or religious beliefs. It is therefore valuable to have a system and process in place to help your school realise it’s vision. And enable you to store your own curriculum objectives or social competencies. This could include thinking skills, values, or other unique initiatives.

The process of creating a localised curriculum can take many months. Applying this into a teacher’s planning process can take even longer. The iUgo Planner creates a familiar layout that makes it easy to slot in new content as you are building it. This helps create a smooth transition to using new school outlines and teacher planning remains uninterrupted. Which further fosters a classroom environment that benefits students the most.

How do we avoid yet another teacher login?

Moving into the digital teaching space has been excellent for teachers. But the downside is the amount of admin that can stack up from working between different programs or websites. Remembering multiple logins, then navigating and learning how to use new systems can be exhausting. These seemingly small extra steps, when added up, can end up taking a lot of time.

Teachers should have their focus solely on what they intend to teach. Schools can help reduce administrative workload by cutting out extra steps where possible. This would include working in a smart digital system, that captures information as a teacher is filling out their planning process. And by improving the visibility of curriculum coverage throughout the school, which would encourage shorter, more meaningful, staff meetings.

The iUgo Planner encapsulates all the planning tools a teacher needs. It automatically recognises the curriculum objectives, outlines, or competencies selected and used in their planning. This system of planning creates a running record of your schools’ curriculum coverage. It is also fluid to any changes a teacher makes. Reporting can be done at any time, by anyone in the school using the iUgo Curriculum Coverage tool.

Curriculum mapping content reports

The iUgo Unit Plan Templates provide a smart way for teachers to connect various parts of a curriculum directly into their planning. In the plan set-up process, a teacher chooses which learning areas and levels they are teaching. This then determines what kind of content descriptors, syllabus outcomes, or understand, know, do foci will appear on the plan document.

This helps reduce a teacher’s workload by filtering off parts of the curriculum and only displaying what is important to the subject at hand.

The automatic curriculum mapping happens as a teacher selects and builds their program on the unit plan templates. For example, when a content descriptor is chosen then saved on to the unit plan, this appears in the school account as a taught outcome and is logged within iUgo’s curriculum coverage reporting tool.

A teacher or school manager could at any time run a report in iUgo’s curriculum coverage tool. They only need to specify the timeframe, classroom, section of the curriculum, and learning areas plus levels. Lesson objectives or content could be reported down to group or student level.

This principle extends to a localised school curriculum. Teachers select and add stored school capabilities or objectives to their planning. iUgo automatically maps the curriculum in a similar manner, and you can utilise the curriculum coverage tool to generate a report that identifies the utilisation of your school’s own outlines.

The results displayed will provide a clear indicator of what has or hasn’t been taught. Taught curriculum outcomes will display highlighted in yellow with a hyperlink to the unit plan. This provides teachers with a clear summary of what needs to come next in their unit and lesson planning and creates visibility for school management to identify gaps in the curriculum across the school.

iUgo makes curriculum mapping easy

As you can see. the iUgo Planner makes curriculum mapping easy for every teacher and every school.

The next stage in your school curriculum mapping journey is to start a free trial of iUgo, explore the unit plan templates, and see this automatic planning process in action. We provide free online webinar demonstrations of the program and could answer any questions you may have.

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