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iUgo Teachables

These bite-sized teaching resources are designed to build a love of learning for your students.

Kitted out to make it easy for you to find what you need and then save it all in one place.

Teachers like you love Teachables

A teachers’ digital resource room organised for you

Teaching material produced by experienced teacher authors

Conveniently filed away into Australian learning areas, topics and themes

Access to Australian teaching material that supports students at a wide range of levels

Activities, worksheets and games that build student engagement and excitement and have proven their success in the classroom

Fully integrated with the iUgo planner, so you can attach resources as planning evidence or open your plan to browse suggested teaching material

Flexible PDF files that you can upload to student learning software or print out as many times as you like

“I can walk into school 9am Monday, jump into Teachables and find something fun and different to build for a session or day.”
Shannon, Teacher

No more boring classroom lessons

The Teachables creative teaching material has been designed to be visually appealing and exciting for students. Font sizes, colours and layouts have been set up with the student in mind to entice them towards that ‘Aha’ moment.

Teachables are backed by Essential Resources, educational publishers who have been working with talented teacher authors for over 20 years.

Resources that have the curriculum covered

Don’t spend hours searching the web. All the hard work is done for you. The thousands of Foundation to Year 7 lesson plans, activities and games are all mapped to ACARA and aligned with best practice.

The resources cover a wide range of subject areas and learning levels, plus it takes just a click to integrate them into your iUgo plans.

“iUgo Teachables are really easy to use and makes sense to my students. The Year 5 and 6’s really enjoy them, and say ‘Can we play those games again’ every session.”
Rachelle, Teaching Principal

Access anywhere, anytime, from multiple devices

All iUgo planner subscriptions – including the free trial – provide access to Teachables. If you go Pro, you have free, unlimited downloads to all resources.

You can download Teachables at home or in the classroom. Simply log in from any device, select the resource you want and download it instantly.

Downloaded resources are stored in a folder within your account so you can reuse them at any time.

“Teachables suit both independent studies and working with target groups at a range of levels, which means I don’t need to have the whole class doing the same thing."
Deidre, Teaching Principal

Where great content and exceptional planning meet

Your iUgo planner immediately starts suggesting relevant resources as you build your unit plans. It automatically applies filters based on the learning area and level across ACARA (and selected State curriculum).

Effortlessly link your Teachables to your units or lessons in your iUgo planner.

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