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Teacher planning for subject or learning areas

This is the second in a three-part series on how to use iUgo to be more effective with your teacher planning. Having covered Long Term Planning, here we drill down into how to translate those goals into actionable unit plans (programs) for subject or learning areas, and save a whole lot of time as you do so.
Teacher planning

Planning for subject or learning areas

Subject or learning area plans for a unit of work summarise the teaching strategies and resources that go with a set of outcomes in the curriculum. Essentially, you create a learning journey alongside the national guidelines for your teacher planning. It’s a way of bringing to life the goals you have created in your Long Term Plan by adding a lot more detail plus specific subject or lesson resources.

Flexible planning template

This is where the iUgo plan template comes into its own. Built by teachers who are best-practice leaders in their field, this framework continues to be updated over time.

Even if you’re an experienced teacher, you’ll find the iUgo plan template keeps your planning aligned. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest terminology and naming protocols as well as with the latest best practice guidelines. If you’re just starting out, this template is one of the simplest ways for you to gain absolute confidence in your lesson plans. You will tick all the required boxes (and a few more to show you’ve gone that extra mile).

The iUgo planning template also makes it super simple to prepare lesson plans that you can split up. Separating your plans allows you to address the needs of students at different levels of ability in your classroom. And you can repeat this process to address the needs of everyone in the class – with every lesson, every time.

Teacher Unit Planning

“If you are planning a unit plan and are continuing that plan for a few weeks or the term (with the same LOs) you can set out a basic template for Week 1. You can then go to Settings/ Lesson Plan/ Copy Week and select all the weeks you need. It’s then just a case of going into each week and adding work specific to that week (saves me heaps of time!).”

Michelle Hudgell

Kamo Primary School

Single or multiple curriculum

The iUgo planner can be applied to any curriculum. It directly links to the curriculums of Australian primary schools and New Zealand primary and secondary schools. iUgo is also designed to support cross-curricular learning and ‘discovery’ or inquiry modules. You can include non-curricular and outside-the-classroom plans in your portfolio. Making iUgo the single source for all the work you do.

Another major advantage of the iUgo planner is that it supports teachers who work with multiple curriculums. Such as those in religious or language immersion schools. You can use it to create a consistent planning platform across all subject areas. It makes reviewing lesson plans really easy and gives auditors a consistent view.

“Top tips for planning would be to start on the subjects you find easiest to plan/understand and work your way to the harder ones as they take more time, set aside time/make time to complete your planning, set up your units at the start of the term by completing all of the top section and if you’re using the same WALT/AO to just copy them into the next week to save time.”

Keely Carter

Woodlands School, Ōpōtiki

Planning across teaching teams

While we tend to think of unit and lesson planning as a solo pursuit, iUgo makes it easy to turn the task into a team sport – which is a game changer. Its secure online sharing ability means:

  • you can configure a plan template and distribute it for other teachers to use
  • your team can work together on a plan – enabling everyone to benefit from the strengths of others
  • subject matter experts can use iUgo to build best practice and support teacher learning
  • heads of department and principals can instantly access your plan and understand it.

Another smart feature of iUgo is a winner in these uncertain times. With the Zero Day function, you can deal with unexpected ‘days out’ with the press of a button. Manage a Teacher Only day or unforeseen school closure by inserting a Zero Day (or more) to move your entire lesson plan forward. No copying and pasting. No errors. You are immediately back on track, taking account of as many days as you need to.

If all of this sounds really easy, that’s because it is. You have your entire planning in one place, sitting within a highly configurable, yet fully compliant, framework. iUgo delivers real value to you as a teacher, to your students and to everyone you work with – including school auditors. Plus it gives you hours of valuable time back each term.

What’s next?

The next and final blog in this series is about taking the lesson plans you’ve created and putting a timetable and schedule in place. To make sure you don’t miss this – or any other useful planning updates in future – subscribe to get iUgo info delivered to your inbox. If you’d like to give iUgo a try at no cost to you, start a free trial now.

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