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All teachers know how easy it is to go down the rabbit hole while searching for classroom content. Rachelle Haslegrave of Tarras School was well acquainted with google search and had a growing pile list of subscriptions. That was until Teachables launched in 2020.
Rachelle Haslegrave

Rachelle Haslegrave had a growing pile list of subscriptions when Teachables was launched in 2020. As an existing iUgo user, Rachelle upgraded to the ultimate subscription and hasn’t looked back.

Tarras School has a resource room stacked full of print resources but Rachelle found that there was an imbalance in what’s been purchased historically and what is needed at the time. Teachables gave the team immediate access to a wide range of resources, filling in the gaps of their print resources.

“With Teachables you know everything is appropriate and useful for schools.”

Rachelle launched into Teachables right away, easily finding resources for her Year 5 and 6 students using the filters within the programme, quickly accessing and adding lessons, games, worksheets and activities to her iUgo unit plans

“I’ve been able to find games in Teachables. The Year 5 and 6s really enjoy them, and say ‘Can we play those games again’ every session.”

Rachelle has cut the time she spends searching for resources down to an hour a week; previously she would spend as much as three hours. iUgo allows teachers to access high-quality, curriculum-aligned resources quickly. It saves precious time and provides a seamless way to integrate resources into their planning.

You can make your working life easier too. Your school can access thousands of Year 1-8 resources that cover the curriculum and come from a source you trust. Check out iUgo Teachables today.

“Teachables go so well with iUgo, you can instantly link resources into your planning. You don’t have to go and save the content somewhere else before uploading it to iUgo. It also saves you a lot of time from not having to type it into your planning.”

Rachelle Haslegrave

Principal at Tarras School


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